"Food is nothing without freedom! We Need Freedom

”Food is nothing without freedom! We Need Freedom!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

New alarming country information about Ethiopia

New alarming country information about Ethiopia
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The government consistently tone that "it is safe to return to Ethiopia" is wholly incompatible with the new Land Info and Noah's new country report.

It has long been strangely silent about returning the agreement, at least in the media. Within the Parliament and the Government sees it, however, appears to be growing controversy about a return agreement that is steeped in uncertainty and enabling forcibly returned to a one-party dictatorship that has enormous human rights violations. New Country Info and Noah 'Country Report August 2012 confirms madness clearer than ever.

The reports clearly show that the return is not safe, something which also UN, several political parties, human rights organizations, ethiopia specialists, other organizations, Ethiopians in Norway and the world knows is contrary to all reason. The sources of country information reports to the Country Info and Noah is not illegal opposition parties and strong government critics. The large group of written sources: Amnesty, HRW, ICG, a pair of unbiased scientists, UNHCR. The large group of oral sources: five embassies in Ethiopia, western diplomatic source, the head of international NGO etc. A smaller group of sources is a couple-three representatives for, probably, the legal opposition parties in Ethiopia and a journalist.

Noah's report, p 9: "Almost all of our sources said that the opposition would be risking sanctions upon return, sometimes serious. Projections were based on their experience with the authorities in other areas and how the government treats government critics and dissidents in other contexts. Sources gave expression to the plight of dissidents sent to Ethiopia will be more severe than the immigration finds ".

Also in Landinfo new report, there is little doubt that Landinfo describes that more embraced by activity profile that is likely to be susceptible to reactions on return to Ethiopia. Land Info is blah. evident that Ethiopia has a good overview of the people associated with the opposition parties in exile, particularly the illegal opposition parties G7, OLF and ONLF. Country Info writes constantly that "prominent people" and "actively supports" are most vulnerable, but have taken many more quotes like: "The government is likely to implement sanctions against the other" (p.6), "suspected to be members of the OLF or ONLF, is likely to be arbitrarily detained and tortured upon return to Ethiopia "(p.6)," Membership alone, or connection to an illegal opposition group, can lead to arrest and imprisonment. "

Country Info, political activities in exile, s 7: "The sources Landinfo spoke to felt that eksiletiopiere with activity and profile as described above, is likely to be susceptible to reactions upon return to Ethiopia."

A consistent factor in both reports is that it is very random who are at risk of imprisonment, persecution and torture. Neither Noah or Landinfo spoke with the illegal opposition by facts flight in March this year because of his opposition and security. This means that many gruesome human rights violations can be hidden inside Ethiopia, which Ethiopia specialists and human rights organizations have documented over many years.

In addition revealed the manipulation of evidence conducted by the Ethiopian government against the Swedish journalists and serious human rights violations revealed by the same journalists. These are facts that Une must now take cognizance vs Ethiopians political activity both in Ethiopia and in Norway the processing of their cases.

Return Agreement is the government (worms) works that they have imposed Une Udi and to determine which of politically active individuals who shall stay or not. Although the government declines all responsibility. They say they do not take individual cases and chairs the immigration authorities' decisions. What about the people who have lost all rights after final rejection and do not have any economic opportunity to go to trial and still need protection? Here, the Government believes that "the economic Ethiopians" will be out of the country. It stops all further communication. You know the frustration and rebellion urge build up - for it is only those who claim to have all the knowledge on their side - even with new factual information to display. What is causing this? Are they afraid that the truth about the serious human rights violations in Ethiopia should be made public so that fuss about returning the agreement can destroy good government policy cooperation with Ethiopia? A shameful return agreement with one of the worst torture regimes clearly shows that our government vote politics is more important than humanity and human rights.

Justice Department responds to requests from many people concerned with issues including numerous inquiries from myself. I will answer that Standard and "it is good enough", "we can never guarantee 100% safety for returned" and "in the latest country information is not documented." There are very serious when they do not trust Land Info. Is this an attitude Justice Department also transfer Udi and Une?

A return agreement with Ethiopia dictatorship sounds very bad with international obligations such as laws that nobody is sent back to persecution, imprisonment and torture. Fact is that this may actually not the government guarantee - the full reports proving that the risk of just that is very large. What will it take to get a one-way government to understand that they are moving in the wrong direction - on a collision course with its own politics?

Dear Jens Stoltenberg, Grete Faremo, Pål Lønseth, Udi and Une:

More than described in previous country information can most likely be subjected to reactions upon return to Ethiopia of a more serious nature than that immigration has assumed so far. New locales confirms this. I urge you to take this serious information seriously so it never comes to the voice of forced returns of politically active persons and other vulnerable groups in Ethiopia.

Une Director Ingunn Sofie-Aursnes, you recently said: "I think it is possible to use your heart and head together." I ask you to remember your wise words - even when Une make decisions in Ethiopia Matters.

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