"Food is nothing without freedom! We Need Freedom

”Food is nothing without freedom! We Need Freedom!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Ethiopia: Bereket Simon cooking information?

Who was cooking information in Ethiopia rather confirming the inevitable?

Berhanu Tesfaye (chillalo@gmail)

“Procrastination is a theft of time”  was the first proverb I read next to his bed on the wall when he was a student and I do not know exactly till the 2005 election time that Meles procrastinate things to mend and bend things. It was this time he tried to negotiate till the regional governments were set up so that he assemble the rubber stamp parliament to decide what he want.

But it also served as a proverb even he was dead even-though some were telling us that he was advising the Sudan conflicts,having vacation in an specified town or he is fit as a horse except exhaustion. Some said government issued communique were right and the truth and what we learn from was that TPLF led government was accumulating lies after lies either fabrication news and figure to lie 80 million Ethiopians in order to loot and devastate the country.

Lastly may be they are short of paying the cost of the freezer and have to disclose that he is done and dusted.

The goal is not his death but we Ethiopians have struggle to bury this ethnic based poison with him. We have to come hand in hand to strengthen our struggle to bring democratic Ethiopia in the aftermath.

The tears of Ethiopians have be answered with help OG the Almighty.

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