"Food is nothing without freedom! We Need Freedom

”Food is nothing without freedom! We Need Freedom!

Thursday, 6 September 2012


                                          የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝባዊ አብዮታዊ ፓርቲ (ኢሕአፓ)
                                        Ethiopian  People's  Revolutionary Party (EPRP)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   .
The 5th general congress of the EPRP was held from August 29 to September 1 and has been
concluded with full success. Delegates from various sections of the party attended the congress,
heard the full report of the Leadership Committee and passed resolutions to strengthen the party,
to mobilize the people for the all out struggle and intensify the struggle against the tyrannical
regime                                                                                                                                                                                .The significance  of the 5th Congress has been appreciated due to the fact that  it has taken place at
a time when the people’s struggle for democracy has been intensified and the party has defeated
most of the conspiracies and plots hatched against it by the enemies of the Ethiopian people. The
Congress noted that the regime of Meles Zenawi is on its death bed (with the dictator himself dead)
and a transition to democracy possible if people reject the foreign inspired maneuver to  assure
the continuation of the regime or to make cosmetic changes to continue with a similar puppet
regime. The Congress has also made a full analysis of the local and international situation and set
its tasks and priorities based on its conclusion of what ought to be done to end with the divisive
and dictatorial regime and bring about real and democratic change in Ethiopia. As opposed to the
affirmation made by the apologists of the regime the Congress has firmly concluded that the
regime has brought political and economic disaster to Ethiopia and all talk of economic progress is
but a lie and a sham.
The 5
Congress has critically  reexamined its own experience vis-a-vis the united front and
assessed the ongoing front formation taken by various groups. It has reaffirmed the EPRP’s call
for an actual and active united action within Ethiopia itself by all viable forces committed to
democracy and Ethiopian unity. The Congress has also commended the various civic
organizations involved in human rights and the plight of women. The EPRP political program andinternal rules and regulations were also amended. In the end, the congress has elected a new
higher leadership committee, approved the resolutions on various issues and expressed the
determination of the party to continue and intensify the struggle against the dictatorship in
The struggle continues!!

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