"Food is nothing without freedom! We Need Freedom

”Food is nothing without freedom! We Need Freedom!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Jah Lude the New Ethiopian Reggae Star

Jah Lude the New Ethiopian Reggae Star
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With a unique melody and ferocious singing style, Jah Lude is able to capture many people’s heart. Even though the album was recently released, he was able to get appreciation and admiration from many. Fans believe that with the new album, ‘Yachin Neger’, he has imprinted a new style in Ethiopian reggae music.

Since he is a new upcoming artist many fans are highly anticipating his concert and, as a response, a concert is going to kick off on July 7 at Lafto Mall. Entitled ‘Digis’ it will be the first concert after the album.
 “I want to reach many countries through art and this concert is a start”, is what Jah Lude said when he talked about representing Ethiopia, promoting the country, and that is why he chose reggae music to use it as a platform to pass the message.

Since the concert is going to be held after a week, his schedule has been also tight. With his band Zanta, they rehearse seven days a week starting from midday until midnight. Even though music has been part and parcel of his life when he spends quite a lot of time, he does not hide the fact these weeks have been pretty tight, but getting tired is not his thing. He says he sees music as some sort of enjoyment and that is why he fully immersed himself in doing music.


The conventional timing did not work for me in the past. When I feel like getting up, I do it, otherwise I sleep. For me the time when I think about sleeping is early in the morning. With the coming of this concert my schedule has changed what is considered to be a normal situation: working on daytime and sleeping during the night. So these days, in the morning, I get up when I listen to music and, to tell you the truth, I do not think about breakfast. It is usually my friends who remind me of food. In the morning I like to have juice of any kind, you name it, but I do not like juice which is processed in a factory.

Before you know it, the time goes and I meet up with the band members and friends to do music. For us whatever we do, there is always music in the background.

Jah Lude

Afternoon and Evening:

Sometimes when I think about days it is only the names that change but for me every day I am changing, recreating myself through my experiences. Starting from my childhood I did not know why Saturday sounds different.

I grew up having rice. So till now I love to have Mendi (rice with meat or chicken) for lunch. After that I meet up with a couple of people to talk about the upcoming concert. The afternoon passes in a busy way with rehearsal, meeting a couple of people, spending it in studio. In the evening, we listen to music, I talk with my friends. These are my busiest weeks. So my focus is on the rehearsal but my interest is also seasonal. There are times when I also read books usually in the fasting period; Ramadan. Even though I do not have preference on the genre, I also watch films. There are also times when I start watching films if I arrive in the middle. I do not drink. So my days pass through music. It might be during midnight that I have my dinner, preferably simple meals bread with jam, milk and I also love dates. These days I might sleep early like midnight. But in the past, it was around the morning that I headed to sleep.

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